About Hostel Oasis

Hostel Oasis is located in the center of YAZD’s Old Town. The beautifully restored historic building has a classic central courtyard garden with a basin, cooling the atmosphere in YAZD hot climate. It is used as a community area. Like most historic houses, it offers a variety of rooms on three basement levels.

These “SARDABS” are well tempered throughout the year. A “QANAT” even supplies rooms and courtyards with fresh water basins. Sleeping is on mattresses. Oasis Hostel offers shared bathrooms with sitting toilets and a washing machine. Free WiFi is offered throughout.

Oasis Hostel is located at No. 33 (Across No. 26), Hoseiniyan Alley No. 34,
Emam St, in the Old Town of Yazd

Breakfast is included and delicious lunch and dinner are optionally available. Free tea is of course served at all times.
Most of YAZD’s major sights are within walking distance of the hostel, including the beautiful Masjed Jameh Mosque, the Amir Chakhmaq Hosseinieh or the Mausoleum of Saint Sayyed Roknaddin.

Akbar is a professional paragliding pilot and is able to guide paragliders to the flying spots around YAZD and all over Iran. Only 10 minutes ride from Yazd you will enjoy some of the world’s best ridge soaring in the hills of ARDESHIR. Other options include thermallin at the cliffs of TAFT spectacular mountainside. Some of the best XC Pilots in Iran take off here.