Desert Tour

Tour Information
The tour starts at 4pm from oasis hostel to the Narestane (more informations are available at the bottom of main information)after taking pictures and snacks,we will continue the way in “off road”mode to the yazd waste water witch made big lake that the view is so naturally and brilliant for taking pictures,after the lake way you can sit on roof top of the car and watch the sunset and desert till arrive to our special desert camp that you can feel the real peace of desert without any annoying sounds except the natural sounds. If you like you can experience riding camel and riding four wheel motor . Different services like tea and food on fire and etc are available.You can see the stares very well because there is’nt any light pollution and we can make plan to sleep over night in tent or sleeping bag and also we can book a room in one of camps .we have traditionalĀ  breakfast in desert and after breakfast we will come back to the city .

*Narestane :The one of the most important holy shrines of ZoroastriansĀ  that when Arabs attacked to Iran,they evacuated and their city and sheltered in mountains and they’veĀ been built houses and shrines and live there in the long time that Narestane have been improved to the one of the most important Zoroastrians shrines.this beautiful place is in the middle of mountain and still many Zoroastrians are live there.